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If you are a National or Foreign Investor

We battle with you on issues

¡We know the passion you have for your Business and we want to be part of it!

Our collaborative and virtual work is effective, efficient, and efficacious. So you can make timely decisions and know what happens in your business.

You will always have someone close to see, know, and understand everything related to your business.

Not knowing the legal and operational regulations of our environment can cause unwanted cost overruns. At 1-2-Trust we specialize in minimizing these costs.

Taxes are usually delivered to you by the due date, and financial reports when are required. At 1-2-Trust we deliver your taxes up to 10 days in advance and financial reports permanently.

Effectively managing the resources of the organization is our concern, allowing you to manage your expenses and income in the most appropriate way so that everything works correctly.

Your business is to us

Our back-office services are designed for demanding businesses, allowing us to consolidate legal, administrative, accounting, tax, and financial issues.

Legal and Administrative

Legal and Administrative

In the constitution of a company, statutes, commercial registry, legal procedures, book registration, preparation of minutes.
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Accounting and Taxation

Accountants and Taxes

100% virtualized outsourcing in the correct accounting register of the different operations of a business, providing information for making decisions on taxes and business results.
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Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

In monitoring and control of budgeted cash flows, executed and projected, of the business in progress and specific projects.
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You deserve a team that takes care of and explains to you in time what happens with your business.


¡Let's work together!

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