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¿Why are entrepreneurs like you so to us?

20 years of experience accompanying demanding entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs show us as a committed team.

Together with our clients, we have developed sustainability, competitiveness, and growth for our businesses, treated in a relationship of trust.

This certification guarantees that we are a company that meets international requirements to better serve your needs with high levels of service and satisfaction; and this requires highly effective and efficient processes.

Michel Marsiglia

Expert consultant in administrative matters with specialization in finance and Master in Administration. He has been the administrative and financial director of software development companies. He is the leader in the accompaniment area; an area that strengthens the financial knowledge of customers.

Adriana Ospina

Founder and CEO, an expert in accounting and taxation with a specialization in finance, she has been a manager in companies in the service sector and administrative and financial director in technology-based companies. It is the leader in the management process and innovation and development, the area responsible for quality assurance of 1-2-Trust.

Christian Sayer

Founder and accounting leader with a specialization in taxation. He has been responsible for reporting on projects with the government. He is responsible for the successful tax planning of clients and the results of their financial information.

Our Team

Angie García

Operations Coordinator

Héctor Restrepo

Operations Crew

Julián Perea

Operations Crew

Yenni Velandia

Commercial Leader

Felipe Ospina

Leader of T.I

Dayana Rengifo

Customer Support

Corporate Social Responsibility

For 1-2-Trust, Corporate Social Responsibility is a commitment and obligation towards our young people facing the issues that compromise the productive fabric of a country; Providing them with the tools that allow them to know and legally comply with regulations is the beginning of business success.



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